Sizegenetics Penis Extender Review

SizeGenetics Review

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According to a recent survey that was conducted in the United States, over 70% of men were reported to have expressed dissatisfaction with the size and shape of their penis. Despite the fact that most of these men have SizeGenetics extender deviceactually a normal penis size and shape, the bitter truth is that a man will always compare himself with another man who has a bigger penis. As a result, they end up getting the feeling that their penises are small which makes them feel less masculine. At times a number of men are usually afraid that their penis may shrink and become smaller. This could even affect them mentally and as a result their sexual performance is interfered with.

The good news is that there is something that can fix all these type of worries that are usually associated with penis size and shape. SizeGenetics penis extender is the real deal. This is a unique product that has earned its place in the market and has earned the credibility of helping people increase the size of their penis once and for all.

As a result of its efficiency, the devices has become synonymous with a number of terms like; male traction device, penis enlarger, penis device etc. For the last 17 years Size Genetics has helped men globally undergo safe penis enlargement. The device is known to work based on scientific principles of traction which help in the natural growth of the male reproductive organ in both girth and length.

SizeGenetics – How It Works?

The secret to how SizeGenetics extender works is traction. Traction is simply a method that has been used in medical science for many years. It affects cell growth and regeneration. Traction is usually a powerful means of extending the length of; toes, limbs, fingers and the penis.

There are several aspects of the Size Genetics system that make it effective and completely suitable for its functionality. Some of them include;

(a) Revita Cream and Traction plus powder – The two supplements are well known for their role in providing protection to penile shaft. This is because extending your penis for many hours may be rough on your penile skin.

(b)Penis health program – After you have bought your SizeGenetics system you are offered free access to a penis health exercise program which plays a key role in ensuring safe and better penis enlargement results.

(d) The 16 way comfort strap – It makes Size Genetics system unique and gives it lots of comfort.

(e) After sale service support – The relationship between the buyer and the manufacturer doesn’t end on purchase of the SizeGenetics extender device. Other supporting after sale services are also offered.

(f) Spare parts – There is no need to keep on worrying about spare parts since there are additional parts which usually come with additional parts that act as spare parts.

(g) Free Access to the LoveCentria system – You are provided with over 55 DVDs that are accessible online. The DVDs have comprehensive sex guide which helps you attain better performance.

(h) Device wipes – These are wipes to help maintain an hygienic condition.

Pros of SizeGenetics Extender Device

1)  Provides Significant gains in penis size.

The device offers significant and guaranteed gains in terms of length and girth of penis size. To achieve such results you are only expected to use it as per manufacturer’s instructions.

2) Rapid Deliver, Free of cost.

Immediately after you have made your order of SizeGenetics penis extender, it is delivered to you at zero cost and in a discreet manner. The fact that the manufacturer has distribution offices located in most parts of the world makes the delivery process quick. Hence you do not need to wait for long to get your gadget.

3) It is a 16-way ultimate comfort system.

This is not only an effective penis extender, but also unique based on the fact that it has a 16 way ultimate comfort mechanism. The importance of this is that it gives users comfort as they wear the penis extender for along hours. This improves the size of their penis faster and safely unlike most of other penis stretchers.

4) It has received endorsement from medical community.

Doctors all over the world have gone ahead to prescribe, recommend and endorse SizeGenetics. It is viewed as the best nun surgical penis extender in the world.

5) Corrects penile curvature.

It has been proven as an effective cure of penile curvature or what is known as Peyronie’s disease.

The fact that the Size Genetics has successfully been able to meet the users expectations for the last 17 years gives it a competitive edge over other penis extenders in the in the penis enlargement marketplace.

Cons of Size Genetics System.

There are a number of challenges that are associated with Size Genetics penis extender device just like most other devices. Some of these cons include:

Long Hours of wearing the penis extender.

To achieve better results, one is expected to wear it for as long as 4 hours daily for a period of not less than two months. This is not something that is easy to do for most people despite the fact that the penis extender has comfort straps.


The SizeGenetics extender is quite expensive when compared to most of other penis extenders that are available in the marketplace. This makes it difficult for most people who would want to acquire it.

Shipping, Cost, Delivery and Guarantee.

Just like most online offers that are available today, the manufacturers of Size Genetics penis extender offer discreet and free shipping service once you have bought it. The ultimate package is the best to buy and at times it’s offered at a discount. The delivery is done in less than 7 weeks, approximately six weeks.

In terms of guarantee, SizeGenetics offers a period of six months money back guarantee in the event that you do not notice any positive change after using the gadget for such a period according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Size Genetics Side Effects.

There has been no case of any side effects that have been reported from anyone who has used the gadget as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

Of all the penis extenders that are available in the marketplace, SizeGenetics penis extender has proofed that it is capable of giving the best penis enlargement results, while at the same time giving comfort and guaranteeing safety. The SizeGenetics system will without a doubt work for you. It is based on scientific principles approved by the medical community.

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